We build software and solutions that people instantly understand and enjoy using - we are Vannatter Ventures. Our simplistic approach to solving your problems and providing solutions has made us one of the quickest growing firms in Ohio - here is what we are working on:

Vannatter Ventures has begun our next Lab project – SitterGitter.com. The project focuses on identifying and marketing to individuals and firms in the homecare field while projecting the information through social sources such as Facebook and Twitter.
Vannatter Ventures has been chosen to relaunch popular interior design firm Hiner Design’s web and print strategies. “We are excited see what they can do”, shared Hiner Design owner.
Vannatter Ventures continues to provide technology and infrastructure support to DivorceNetwork.com after our involvement with their successful product rebrand and relaunch.
Vannatter Ventures Lab project ArmoryLite.com has surpassed 11 million indexed users. The project continues to grow at an astounding rate and has continued to work flawlessly due to the scalable solution we developed to handle such growth. For more information, check out the Lab.