We build software and solutions that people instantly understand and enjoy using - we are Vannatter Ventures. Our simplistic approach to solving your problems and providing solutions has made us one of the quickest growing firms in Ohio - here is what we are working on:

One of our passions is collecting, so we wanted to build a website dedicated to our favorite thing to collect – comic books! more..
We’ve been working hard on preparing Purchaso for our alpha launch. If you’re interested in participating in our closed alpha, please visit purchaso.com to signup.
It was bound to happen, but we’ve decided to up our own social game (since we preach it to all our clients) and have added our own facebook page. We are offering 50% off monthly hosting for a year to any new clients who “like” us!
We have recently soft launched the Steampunk Phonics website and will be expanding on the content of the site over the next month or so. We hope you enjoy the Jules Verne feel!
Happy Holidays 01/01/2011
Vannatter Ventures wishes everyone a happy holiday and a prosperous 2011!
Vannatter Ventures has begun work on steampunkphonics.com – a site dedicated to the Steampunk craft and manufacturing of custom headphones. Project should launch within the month.
Vannatter Ventures has begun launching the portal for our gaming umbrella network, Conflct Gaming. You can visit the new site here.
Vannatter Ventures has launched the new destination for Paradise Car Care, a local auto service company. You can visit their new presence here.
Vannatter Ventures has begun work on a web presence for local car care provider, Paradise Car Care. The project will create an entire website presence for the company as well as an online booking and coupon system.
Vannatter Ventures has started work on our newest Lab project, Arrangu. Arrangu is a project and organizational tool targeted at small companies and individuals using web and mobile technologies. For more information, check out the Lab.