About Vannatter Ventures

Vannatter Ventures LLC is a development, consulting and creative services firm servicing the Greater Northeastern Ohio region and worldwide to an ever-growing portfolio of clients.

Our obsession with detail has made us the choice for large corporations and family businesses alike. We take pride in meticulously serving the needs of our clients in every area of their media presence.

Originally founded as Oh, Hello Media in 1998, our group has continued to grow over the past ten years as we have honed our services and technologies to address the issues of the evolving global market.

Dustin Vannatter – Owner Dustin created Vannatter Ventures as an outlet for his passion for development and satisfying the never satiable itch of the entrepreneur. He began writing web software in 1995 when the Internet was in its infancy while studying at the University of Akron. Over the years he has been involved with both startups and Fortune 100 companies and eventually decided the only way to get things right was to do it on his own. Dustin is the father of four energetic children and a terrible golfer.
Jon Tomlinson – Software Director Jon joined Vannatter Ventures as a software developer and has been instrumental to the success of project deployments ever since. He spearheads our Lab projects team which acts as an incubator for development of our venture solutions. He lives with his fiance and two dogs and has an unhealthy obsession with gnomes.
Michael Etlia – Design Director Michael joined Vannatter Ventures as design director for print media and identity development and has since absorbed web design project lead as well. He was member of multiple design firms on the east coast before moving to the Cleveland area and joining our team. He is an avid skier and makes an amazing microbrew.
John Neelon – Sales Director John recently joined our team to lead sales direction for online conversions of our Lab project campaigns. He has past sales experience with local companies and online properties. He is an avid online competitor – both in poker and haggling CPM rates with ad agencies.