Our Projects
We are always working on something in the Lab! Here are a few of the projects that we are actively developing in-house.

CorgiCoin is an up and coming crypto-currency we developed in-house as a pet project. We’ve had over 50k client downloads in over 100 countries around the world with over 6 billion coins created.
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Kapow! Comics
Kapow! is creating a new platform for finding, tracking and interacting with your favorite comics, publishers, artists and local comic shops. We’re creating tools that make finding new stuff you want much easier (and keeping track of what you already love so you never miss something new).
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Armory Lite
Armory Lite is one of our premiere services under our Conflct Gaming umbrella. The site acts as a World of Warcraft Armory alternative for those who don’t need all the fluff of the official armory, but still want access to all of their data. Armory Lite has over 200 million database records and continues to scale without any problems – a testament to our development process.
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Conflct Gaming
Conflct Gaming is our umbrella group that we use for all project development in the MMO / Online Gaming space. We plan to expand Conflct Gaming into a news and profiling destination late Q2 2014.
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Sitter Gitter
Sitter Gitter is a new development project which focuses on delivering local candidates for homecare services within social media channels to give you the best options available. We are currently in the planning on design stages and hope to have a closed beta later this year.